Does Delta 8 THC and THCP Mix?

Does Delta 8 THC and THCP Mix - Featured

For those of us who live in states where certain forms of cannabis plant products remain illegal, Delta 8 THC has become a go-to alternative. This milder cannabinoid may provide health benefits similar to its more potent sibling, THCP; however, many are curious if they can combine the effects of both for an even better experience. So here’s what you need to know: Can you mix Delta 8 and THCP?

Mix Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC: What You Need To Know

Mix Delta 8 THC with Delta 9 - Featured

If you’re one of the many people living in states with legal issues surrounding some forms of cannabis and cannabis plant biproducts, delta-8 has become your go-to alternative. This milder cannabinoid offers health benefits similar to its more psychoactive sibling, delta-9; so for those looking to enjoy both effects, a natural question arises: Can I mix delta 8 THC with delta 9? Yes – but with caution!

What is Live Resin: Everything You Need to Know

What is Live Resin

If you take a look at the various options for cannabis concentrates on the market, you will probably come across live resin. It has accumulated a significant amount of attention during the past year, and it may significantly elevate your experience.

Delta 9 THC: Everything You Need to Know

Delta 9 THC Gummy

Not lucky enough to live in a state where delta 9 THC from cannabis is accessible? No worries—you have access to delta 9 THC gummies made from hemp extracts that are perfectly legal in most states. What is delta 9 THC, why does it matter if it comes from hemp versus cannabis, and are the effects really the same? We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about the iconic cannabinoid below.

What is THCP: A Complete Guide for Beginners

What is THCP featured

All about exploring new minor cannabinoids? If so, you’re bound to be curious about one of the latest minor cannabinoids to surface: THCP. As one of the most recently discovered cannabinoids, THCP has not been extensively studied but is generating all kinds of buzz among scientific communities and cannabinoid aficionados alike. That’s because THCP is thought to be as much as 33 times more potent than delta-9 THC.

Live Resin vs Distillate: The Difference Compared

Live resin vs distillate featured

Comparing cannabis concentrates can be overwhelming for customers of Galaxy Treats. In the live resin vs distillate head-to-head, both have similar properties but they have differences in potency, manufacturing, and percentage of cannabinoids. Before choosing the type for your vape cartridges, here’s a closer look at live resin vs distillate.

What is Kanna: An In-Depth Guide for Beginners

Kanna Featured

When it comes to natural psychoactive drugs, most people would imagine cannabis or mushrooms as the two primary options available. However, there’s another product making the rounds, although it’s been used for millennia in South Africa. We’re talking about the sceletium tortuosum plant, aka Kanna.

THC-O vs Delta 8: A Complete Breakdown

THC O Vs Delta 8 Featured

When shopping for edibles, concentrates, and more, you’re likely to compare THC-O vs Delta 8. The cannabinoids have distinct effects you should review before making any Galaxy Treats purchases. If you’re new to edibles or concentrates, it’s crucial to compare thc-o vs delta 8 to confirm what type works best for those looking for recreational or therapeutic purposes.