Delta 9 vs Weed – Similarities and Differences

Delta 9 Vs Weed Featured

There’s often a moment of confusion when someone mentions “Delta 9” at a party—some nod knowingly, while others mistake it for a new star system in a sci-fi show. It’s time to demystify the terms “Delta 9 THC” and “weed” or “marijuana,” which often get tangled in everyday conversation. Our exploration aims to clarify these terms and ensure everyone is on the same page, whether you’re a seasoned consumer or new to the world of cannabis. Is Delta 9 real weed?

Delicious Dilemma: CBD Gummies or Sour Belt Hemp Candies?

Cbd Gummies Vs Sour Belts

The realm of hemp edibles has seen exponential growth, with CBD edibles leading the charge. As enthusiasts explore varied options, two choices stand out: CBD gummies and sour belt hemp candies. While both deliver the much sought-after benefits of Delta 8 and Delta 9, they provide distinct experiences. Galaxy Treats has been at the forefront, offering premium quality in both these categories.

How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in Your System

How Long Does Delta 9 Stay In Your System - Featured

Delta-9 THC products made using only hemp extracts are now possible for just about everyone. Therefore, more people are questioning, “How long does delta 9 stay in your system?”
This question can stem from concerns about facing an upcoming drug test for employment or otherwise, but it can also come from those just looking for a greater understanding of how delta 9 THC affects the body in the longer term.

All About Amanita: Muscimol Mushroom Benefits

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Some would say we’re in the middle of a renaissance of psychedelics. Over the last few years, several psychoactive agents have etched their way into the spotlight for closer examination due to proposed medicinal properties. One such psychoactive agent is muscimol, which is derived from Amanita Muscaria mushrooms.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Delta 8?

How Old To Buy Delta 8

When considering purchasing Delta 8 THC products, one of the primary concerns is the age requirement. The legal age to buy Delta-8 varies depending on state laws, but it generally aligns with the legal age for purchasing tobacco products. In most states, this age is set at 21 years old, following the federal guideline established by the Tobacco 21 law. It’s important for consumers to be aware of their local laws to ensure compliance when purchasing Delta-8 products.

Potential Benefits of HHC: What You Need to Know

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Cannabinoids are undeniably in their proverbial heyday. After years of disregard from medical communities due to legal regulations, the cannabis plant has stepped onto center stage, and many communities and consumers are taking note of cannabinoids like delta 8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and a relative newcomer to the spotlight, hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). Cannabis (including the hemp variety) is one fascinatingly diverse plant, containing compounds being proposed as valuable for a long list of reasons. The benefits of HHC are rapidly demanding attention as part of the pack.

Live Resin Questions Answered: What You Need To Know

Live Resin Questions Answered

Are you new to live resin and need to know more about it? Live resin is a special form of cannabis concentrate that is gaining popularity among marijuana enthusiasts. Below, we will answer all your questions related to live resin and explore its benefits, while giving insight on its origins and process.

THC-A vs Delta 8 THC: The Difference Compared

Thc-A Vs Delta 8

In the ever-expanding universe of cannabis-derived products, the intricate world of cannabinoids offers a myriad of possibilities. Two of these cannabinoids, THC-A and Delta 8 THC, have been gaining traction for their unique attributes. These compounds, although originating from the same plant, bear distinctive characteristics and potential benefits. What are the similarities and differences that you need to know?

THC-P Effects: What You Need to Know About This Super-Potent Cannabinoid

Thc-P Effects Featured

The world of cannabis is rapidly evolving, with more enthusiasts diving deeper into its myriad compounds. Among these, lesser-known cannabinoids, like THCP, are skyrocketing in popularity. These unique compounds offer distinct experiences that have led to a lot of curiosity in both recreational users and researchers alike. At Galaxy Treats, we seek to educate our readers, and we are here to shed light on THCP’s effects and what sets it apart from its more famous cousin, THC.