If you take a look at the various options for cannabis concentrates on the market, you will probably come across live resin. It has accumulated a significant amount of attention during the past year, and it may significantly elevate your experience.

Live resin is a specific type of cannabis concentrate. It is known for its powerful aroma, incredible potency, and overall quality. Therefore, among cannabis connoisseurs, it has garnered an impressive reputation.

What do you need to know about live resin, and is it right for you? 

What is Live Resin?

Live resin are cannabis concentrate or natural plant compounds extracted from a marijuana plant that has been freshly harvested. Immediately after harvesting the marijuana plant, it will be flash-frozen at incredibly cold temperatures before being blasted with a variety of solvents, such as propane and butane hash oil. It might even be pressed.

This is a unique extraction technique that can help harvesters save time and money. By skipping the curing and drying steps, some of the other materials that are traditionally destroyed are preserved, which is why live resin could be more powerful. 

Live Resin vs Live Rosin

Even though the names are similar, live resin and live rosin are very different things. It is important for everyone to understand what they are talking about and what they are taking.

Both live resin and live rosin are powerful extracts and concentrates that come directly from the marijuana plant. Both of them preserve many of the natural features of the plant when they are the freshest, and both are extracted using low temperatures and freezing processes.

The biggest difference between live resin and live rosin has to do with the production process. Live resin is typically extracted using a variety of hydrocarbon solvents, such as propane and butane. In contrast, live rosin does not rely on a solvent at all. A rosin press uses heat and pressure, no solvents, to extract the final product. 

Both live resin and live rosin have intense, powerful aromas, flavors, and potency. 

Live Resin Vs Live Rosin

Live Resin vs Distillate

Many people who have experienced trying marijuana are familiar with distillate. While it might sound like live resin is being distilled before it is sold, the processes are a bit different. The biggest difference between live resin and distillate is the temperature at which the process is completed.

Distillates are usually extracted using high temperatures. In contrast, live resin is extracted using a low temperature. Furthermore, distillates typically need to go through a lot of refining steps before they can be sold, but live resin is frozen, preserving many of the natural compounds and limiting the curing and drawing that has to be completed before it can be sold. 

Advantages of Live Resin

There are a variety of advantages that come from using live resin. Some of the biggest advantages of using live resin include:

  • More Potent: For those who use cannabis, the incredible potency of live resin means that it provides a more powerful result with less concentrate. Ultimately, when it comes to live resin, users should remember that less means more.
  • Diverse Flavor Profile: With other types of medical marijuana, the processing and drying process means that the flavors frequently vanish. With live resin, this is no longer the case. Because the product has been flash-frozen, the plant is still incredibly fresh when it arrives, meaning that the flavor profile is complex.
  • A Better Aroma: Part of the marijuana experience is the aroma that comes from the plant itself. For those who love a powerful aroma coming from the marijuana plant, live resin could be the best option. Much of the plant profile comes directly from flash freezing, meaning that there is a robust aroma present. 

Ultimately, these are just a few of the many advantages of live resin. The exact nature of the experience will depend on the type and quality of resin, and that is why it is critical for everyone to think carefully about where they get their resin from. 

Live Resin Aroma

Terpenes in Live Resin

Terpenes are the defining factor when it comes to live resin. Terpenes are natural compounds that can be found in cannabis, and they define the smell and flavor profile. Because of the low temperatures at which live resin is harvested, many of the terpenes are preserved. This might be why live resin is richer in terpenes when compared to other compounds. 

If you enjoy a complex flavor and smell profile, then you enjoy the terpenes that come from the marijuana plant. Everyone’s experience is a bit different, but it is driven by the terpenes that are contained in whatever marijuana or cannabis product you try. One of the best options for your experience could be to give live resin a try. 

How to Use Live Resin

If you are curious about how to use live resin, there are plenty of options available. For example, you might be interested in dabbing, or you might want to give it a try using a vape. You may also want to put some live resin on top of a blunt, joint, or bowl for some added effect.

Of course, you need to think carefully about which consumption method is best for your needs, and a lot of people enjoy using disposables and edibles. That is where Galaxy Treats might be able to provide you with the exact experience you are looking for. 

How To Use Live Resin

Blast Off with Galaxy Treats Live Resin HHC x THCO x THCP Disposables

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Before you try live resin for the first time, you need to prepare yourself accordingly, as the effects can be very powerful. If you have questions about what might be right for you, reach out to us today to speak to our team! Then, shop our selection, and make sure you get the most out of your products.