There is no doubt about it, cannabinoids derived from hemp are having a moment in the spotlight. Delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, delta 9 THC—and now, one more known as THCO is added to the list. This unique cannabinoid is potent, possibly therapeutic, and quite interesting to say the least. Take a closer look at THCO below.

What is THCO?

THCO is THC-O acetate, which is an acetic cannabinoid created through a specific process by altering the properties of hemp-derived cannabidiol. Essentially, CBD is converted first into delta 8 THC, but then that cannabinoid is further processed by adding a chemical compound known as acetic anhydride. After further processing, the end result is THCO acetate.

What is THCO - A background

THCO acetate offers effects similar to other euphoric cannabinoids like delta 8 THC, but users report the experience to be a bit more unique. Some even claim that THCO is more potent than delta 8 THC. However, user experiences can vary. Further, the cannabinoid may offer some therapeutic potential.

The History of THCO

The very first documented mention of THCO dates back to the 1940s even though most people are just hearing about the cannabinoid today. The cannabinoid was used in experiments by the American military in a search for non-lethal ways to incapacitate enemies. Today, the rebirth of hemp-derived cannabinoids has led to more interest in THCO. The cannabinoid is being used in disposable vapes, edibles, and more.

What is THCO - Military use

What are the THCO effects?

In terms of potency, THCO is three times stronger than delta 9 THC. The effects can also be more psychedelic in nature, which has actually led to some people referring to THCO as the “psychedelic cannabinoid.” For the most part, people report that the high is more intense, even a bit spiritual, and possibly even bordering on hallucinogenic. However, the exact effects can vary from one person to the next.

Potential THCO Benefits

As noted above, there has not been a great deal of research into the therapeutic benefits of THCO. Therefore, there are no well-documented benefits other than anecdotal information from THCO users. Some people like the uplifting nature of the cannabinoid, which may be beneficial when dealing with something like depression or stress. There are also reports that THCO seems to help with bodily discomfort better than delta 8 or even delta 9.

Potention THCO Benefits

What’s the difference between delta 8 THC and THCO?

Both delta 8 THC and THCO are cannabinoids that can be created from extracts derived from hemp. The main delta 8 THC difference is that the cannabinoid is basically a converted form of CBD, while THCO is mixed with another compound before reaching its final state. And, without delta 8 THC, there would be no THCO. The two are also reported by users to differ where effects are concerned. The delta 8 THC effect is intoxicating, but THCO may be more potent and offer a different euphoric experience.

Other FAQs About THCO


Is THCO legal?

THCO exists in a bit of a legal gray area for now. Because the cannabinoid can be created by processing hemp, it is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, much like delta 8 THC. Of course, also like delta 8 THC, states are free to set their own laws regarding specific hemp-derived extracts. Therefore, some states may set forth regulations that determine the legality of THCO products at the state level. Keep an eye on the laws in your state to get further details about the legality where you live.

Is THCO safe?

It is incredibly important to trust a reputable company for THCO products. THCO is a more processed cannabinoid, and buying from a mystery source is never recommended. Look for products that have been tested by a third-party lab. For example, take a look at the lab test for Solar Stranana THCO Blast Bars. This Certificate of Analysis (COA) was performed by PharmaLabs, which is an accredited lab not affiliated with Galaxy Treats. The lab test clearly shows the cannabinoid profile, pesticide test results, and metal detection analysis.

Is THCO safe

How much THCO should I take?

THCO effects can be much different from other cannabinoids, and euphoric effects can be more profound. So always start out with a minimal dose. For example, if you are trying Peachberry THCO Gummies with 25mg per gummy, you may try taking half a gummy first to see how that affects you. You can simply adjust your dose for the next experience.

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