Interested in legal psychedelics? If so, you may have stumbled across amanita mushrooms in your search for a psilocybin alternative. 

Amanita mushroom effects are similar to psilocybin, but they occur differently because of unique alkaloids that are mostly legal. Question is, will amanita muscaria get you high? And, is amanita muscaria hallucinogenic

We’ve got the details on the effects of these alternative “magic” mushrooms below.

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

Amanita muscaria (also referred to as fly agaric) are mushrooms that grow throughout the northern part of the planet natively, but can also be found in some regions in the Southern Hemisphere. These mushrooms have a highly recognizable appearance with their iconic red or yellowish caps that have raised white speckles. However, they have been highly regarded throughout history for their psychedelic and mildly hallucinogenic properties.

How Do Amanita Mushrooms Work?

Amanita mushrooms affect the GABA neurotransmitters in the brain. The mushrooms contain ibotenic acid and muscimol, which perform similar actions in the central nervous system as GABA receptors when introduced from an outside source. This directly leads to telltale effects, such as changes in perception (hallucinations) and sedation.

Are Amanita Mushrooms Psychedelic or Hallucinogenic?

Are Amanita Mushrooms Psychedelic

The terms psychedelic and hallucinogenic are often used interchangeably in terms of drugs, and, some would say amanita mushrooms are no-doubt psychedelic. After all, they wouldn’t get lumped in with other magic mushrooms without reason.

The more general definition of a psychedelic is: “a class of psychoactive substances that produce changes in perception, mood, and cognitive processes.”

By this definition, amanita muscaria mushrooms are undeniably psychedelic. After all, the mushrooms are said to cause changes in visual, spatial, time, and auditory perception are possible, and the mushrooms can definitely put you into a more tranquil frame of mind. However, by formal definitions in medical literature, amanita mushrooms are not always considered psychedelic or produce psychedelic effects because of their mechanism of action.

As noted above, the active ingredients found in amanitas (muscimol and ibotenic acid) interact with GABA receptors instead of either dopamine or serotonin neurotransmitters. According to some medical definitions, psychedelics have more to do with dopamine and serotonin, and their effects are related to how the substance interacts with or enhances these receptors. Therefore, amanita muscaria mushrooms would not be classified as psychedelic even though they can produce hallucinogenic effects.

Will Amanita Muscaria Get You High?

Will Amanita Mushrooms Get You High

Yes; however, this could also depend on what you define as “high.” The better descriptor may be tranquil with a slightly altered state of perception.

The anticipated amanita muscaria effects are changes in perception and relaxation, but some sense of euphoria is possible. The mushrooms deliver a combination of depressant, sedative, and potentially deliriant effects.

The overall experience depends greatly on how much amanita muscaria you ingest. For example, if you take only small amounts of amanita mushrooms, you may simply feel more relaxed with a tendency to slip into vivid daydreams or have incredible dream experiences when you fall asleep. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep while using amanita mushrooms and wake up with profound revelations or questions stemming from what they dreamed about while under the influence of the amanita mushrooms.

By contrast, taking large amounts of amanita muscaria is bound to lead to a more delirious experience, more likely to involve hallucinations and side effects.

How Long Does the High from Amanita Muscaria Last?

How Long Does An Amanita Mushroom High Last

Amanita mushroom effects usually start to appear at about the 30-minute mark, but it can take up to 90 minutes for some people to experience the full onset of effects. And, the actual onset may vary depending on how much you ingest. These effects can linger for anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. While this can sound like a broad spectrum in terms of timelines and duration, the simple fact is, amanita muscaria effects are different for each individual.

How Much Amanita Mushrooms Should I Take?

Recommendations vary from source to source when it comes to consuming the actual mushroom caps. For example, Psychedelic Spotlight says that one small mushroom cap should do the trick. Yet, other sources claim you should eat one small mushroom cap for a low dose and up to three medium mushroom caps for an average dose. In reality, neither is a good idea.

Amanita mushrooms can be dangerous if not properly prepared. And, the mushrooms have hallucinogenic properties—that automatically means the active ingredients can be overwhelming in large doses. Therefore, it can be better to stick with a product made with amanita mushroom extracts like the newest psychedelic products from Galaxy Treats–Moon Shrooms Amanita Mushroom Gummies. This delivers amanita muscaria effects without eating the actual mushrooms and taking a chance on consuming too much or consuming a mushroom that has not been properly prepared.

The muscimol in amanita mushrooms is nowhere near as potent as psilocybin. Therefore, the consensus is 10 to 15mg of muscimol is a good starting point. Keep in mind, this dosage recommendation is used in reference to pure muscimol found in the mushrooms themselves. Extracts used to make something like amanita mushroom gummies are a bit different. For example, our Moon Shroom gummies contain 350mg of amanita extract, which is essentially considered a microdose.

Tips for Taking Amanita Mushrooms For the First Time

Tips For Taking Amanita Mushrooms For The First Time

1. First and foremost

Make sure mushrooms come from a legitimate source. Or, even better, go with the far safer option of amanita mushroom products like gummies. These gummies make it easier to gauge your dose, and you know the extracts used were properly prepared. For example, Moon Shrooms come I’m a three-gummy jar. Each gummy contains 350mg of amanita mushroom extract, and the gummies are tested by an unaffiliated, third-party lab for potency and purity.

2. Get comfortable

Make no mistake, gummies or actual amanita muscaria, the effects can alter your perception and function for several hours. Make sure you’re in a safe place and plan to stay there for several hours after consumption

3. Use responsibly

Amanita mushrooms and amanita mushroom products are legal, but they are psychedelic by nature. Fungi notoriously deliver different intensity levels and experiences. So, start with the lowest possible dose or amount, evaluate and assess, wait, and then adjust your dose only slightly the next time.

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