When delta 8 THC first emerged amid the CBD boom of 2018, this psychoactive cannabinoid truly turned a lot of heads. Often touted as a perfectly legal path to euphoria, delta 8 rose in the popularity ranks quickly. However, fast-forward a few years to now, and there are several types of hemp-derived THC available, one of which is delta 10.

Both delta 8 and delta 10 come from the same family of plants. And, they are thought to produce similar effects, but there are some major differences to consider. The question is, is delta 8 better than delta 10 or vice versa? Take a closer look at delta 8 vs delta 10 to help you determine which cannabinoid-based product you should try.

Delta 8 Vs Delta 10 - Hemp Plants

What Is Delta 8 THC? A Closer Look

Delta 8 THC is delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol, which is one of the few psychoactive cannabinoids that can be found in plants in the cannabis family. The cannabinoid is only present in small amounts in hemp and is an analog of the more prevalent delta 9 THC. Therefore, many products made with delta 8, such as Cosmic Cherry Delta 8 Carts or Bluerazz Rocket D8 Gummies, contain a synthesized version of delta 8 made by converting CBD.

What are the effects of delta 8?

Delta 8 is a type of THC, which means it is an intoxicating cannabinoid similar to delta 9 THC. However, most accounts claim that delta 8 is roughly half the potency of D9. While most people seek out D8 for its mild “high” or intoxication, this cannabinoid is noted to have some therapeutic value. According to researchers, delta 8 may be good for appetite stimulation, nausea, pain, and even stress.

Delta 8 Vs Delta 10 - Appetite Effect

How does delta 8 produce effects?

Delta 8 binds to CB1 receptors located in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in areas of the body like the central nervous system. This binding action may inhibit or modulate several pathways to produce the known effects.

What Is Delta 10 THC? A Closer Look

Delta 10 THC is also an analog of delta 9 THC. Much like delta 8, delta 10 is only present in small quantities in hemp. Therefore, manufacturers use different processes to convert CBD into delta 10. The difference in the outcome relies on the conversion process used, such as the level of heat applied or which solvents are used. However, it should be noted that delta 10 is much harder to create than delta 8, which is why you don’t see a lot of pure delta 10 products. Oftentimes, the cannabinoid is mingled with others, such as is the case with Galactic Grape Knockout carts, which contain D8, D10, THCO, and HHC.

What are the effects of delta 10?

While also psychoactive in nature, delta 10 is thought to be even less potent than delta 8. The cannabinoid is not well-researched or established as far as its effects or benefits. Nevertheless, some people claim that delta 10 is a bit more energizing than sedating. Therefore, it may be a bit more comparable to using a Sativa strain than an Indica strain.

Delta 8 Vs Delta 10 - Relaxing

How does delta 10 produce effects?

As noted above, delta 10 is not well-researched. However, the molecular makeup is similar to other forms of THC like delta 8 and delta 9. Therefore, it is easy to speculate that similar actions are taking place within the ECS. Although, some sources claim that delta 10 does not affect the same cannabinoid receptors.

Delta 8 vs Delta 10 – A Head-to-Head Comparison

So, between delta 8 and delta 10, which cannabinoid is the better option to try? In reality, both cannabinoids ae psychoactive, both come from hemp, and both have something to offer. Here’s a head-to-head comparison and the winner in each category.

Legality – Tie

Both delta 8 and delta 10 products are legal in most states thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill made extracts legal as long as they were taken from plants classified as hemp and contain less than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. However, some states have taken steps to make these alternative forms of delta 9 illegal.

Delta 8 Vs Delta 10 - Legality

Potency – Delta 8

Delta 8 is considered to be more potent than delta 10, even though the exact levels of potency are not well examined. Most people report delta 10 to be a more mild euphoric experience than delta 8. So technically, the winner in this regard depends on your desired outcome and experience.

Effects – Delta 8

Both delta 8 and delta 10 have their beneficial or desirable effects. However, the effects of delta 8 are more profound and better researched than delta 10. While some people claim delta 10 is more energizing than delta 8, this can be a matter of how much of each cannabinoid is used. For example, taking only half of a Mars Mango delta 8 gummy may produce less of a sedative effect and more of an uplifting experience.

Availability – Delta 8

For now, you won’t find many strictly delta 10 products, and if you do, be leery. Delta 10 is hard to refine, but delta 8 is relatively easy. Therefore, finding delta 8 is a lot easier.

And the Winner Is …

All things considered, delta 8 THC has more to offer right now than delta 10. Delta 8 is easier to find, better researched, and more potent. However, you can’t discount the fact that delta 10 could be a valuable cannabinoid. As researchers work with hemp-derived cannabinoids more, there may be a lot of new information to come to light.

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