Love delta 8 THC but hate the fact that the cannabinoid sends you straight into munchies madness? It’s true that delta 8 can make you feel hungry, and those snacks around you look more appealing than usual. However, don’t let the munchies scare you away from your fave delta 8 products. Below is a look at a few ways to reign in those munchies so they don’t take over.

Why Does Delta 8 Make You Hungry Anyway?

Delta 8 THC is similar to delta 9 in the way it affects cannabinoid receptors throughout your body, as well as in the brain. For a long time, there was only speculation as to why cannabinoids affected hunger. However, a recent study was done by researchers from Yale University that found a direct correlation. Certain neurons in the brain known as POMC (pro-opiomelanocortins) neurons have a direct influence on your appetite.

Delta 8 Munchies - Why

POMC neurons also tell you when you feel satiated. Cannabinoid receptors heavily influence these neurons. Basically, they trick the brain’s system in charge of fueling the body into thinking it needs food, even if there is no true reason for this to happen. While the effects of delta 8 are not as intense as delta 9 THC, delta 8 can definitely give you a milder case of munchies.

Alright, So How Do You Stop Delta 8 Munchies?

So, if you eat a Bluerazz Rocket delta 8 gummy and get a sudden attack of the munchies, what can you do about it? Your brain tries to tell you that inhaling that whole bag of chips is the best idea ever, but your body may not need that fuel (or the extra calories) at all. Check out a few ways you may be able to circumvent that natural need to munch with delta 8 intake.

1. Eat well the day of consumption

No doubt, if you take delta 8, and you haven’t already fed yourself what your body needs, this can exacerbate the munchies more so than what you would experience otherwise. With that in mind, make a point to eat a fulfilling meal before consuming delta 8 edibles. Likewise, if you’re planning to take delta 8 at the end of the day, make sure you’ve eaten a good schedule of well-rounded meals. This can make you less susceptible to a munchie attack later.

Stop Delta 8 Munchies - Eat Well Before

2. Keep yourself and your hands occupied

The more your mind is allowed to wander, the easier it can be for it to settle on all the crunchy, yummy things you could chomp while enjoying the buzz. Sometimes, all it takes to keep the munchies at bay is to distract yourself. Shift your focus to something else, such as your latest creative endeavor, a certain project, or simply how Bob Ross got his hair so big and made those trees look so darn happy. Another tip, give your hands something to focus on, such as a game on your phone or even a squishy stress ball.

3. Clean your mouth and hydrate

As strange as it sounds, sometimes, brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth can tell the munchies to back off. Why this is effective is really anyone’s guess, but it may have something to do with putting something minty fresh on your tastebuds making you forget about the cookie jar in the kitchen. Another good tactic to try is to stay hydrated. Delta 8 can give you a bit of a dry mouth, which means you may be reaching for snacks just to give your mouth something to taste other than the desert.

Stop Delta 8 Munchies - Hydrate

4. Try a munchable delta 8 THC product

If you usually get a bad case of the munchies after consuming delta 8 in the form of a small gummy, counteracting the problem with delta 8 edibles that have more there to munch is worth considering. For example, you could go for Cosmic Krispies, which are chewy and crunchy—more fulfilling than a smaller treat. Just be sure to keep your dosage levels in check since a while treat serves up 100mg of delta 8 THC.

5. Control surrounding temptation

Before settling in for a D8 experience, get control over the surrounding snacks that will be most tempting. Tuck away the cookies, the microwave meals, and bags of chips and crackers, possibly even the jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread. It can be helpful to move away from the kitchen—go to a room in the house where you’re less likely to see, smell, or encounter food. Also, steer clear of the food commercials and foodie podcasts.

6. Plan ahead so your munching doesn’t wreck your fitness goals

If you know you’re going to chow down after taking delta 8, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reach for something calorie-filled and high-sodium. If you’re trying to keep your nutritional intake in check, just make sure you have access to healthy snacks for when the munchies hit. Something like fresh fruit and veggies, whole grain crackers, or lightly salted popcorn are things to get ready in advance.

Stop Delta 8 Munchies - Plan Ahead

7. Make the munchies work for you

On the flip side of fighting the munchies is embracing them. You could just as easily take advantage of the fact that you feel hungry in certain situations. For example, if you struggle with appetite due to a nausea-causing illness or even if you’re normally a very picky eater, delta 8 may help. Plus, some people claim delta 8 makes food taste better, so there’s nothing wrong with planning a meal for after ingestion.

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In the end, the munchies can be a part of consuming delta 8, but the cravings don’t have to mean overindulging or making unhealthy choices. Ready to try high-quality delta 8 THC products, made in the USA, well-tested, and reliable? Be sure to take a look at the full collection of delta 8 edibles, vapes, and products at Galaxy Treats.

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