Without question, delta 8 THC, the hemp-derived cannabinoid can deliver a euphoric or high experience. This is good news for people looking for a legal THC experience since delta 8 is legally accessible in most states.

When people learn that a delta 8 high is possible, and they can simply order something like BlueRazz Rocket D8 Gummies, they have questions. How long is a delta 8 high? What should you expect? How does a delta 8 high differ from a CBD high? We’ve got the answers to all this and more below.

First, what does a delta 8 high feel like?

A delta 8 high is a bit like a lighter version of a delta 9 THC high, but the effects can also depend on the person. Most people say that delta 8 makes them feel relaxed, less anxious, and less sensitive to pain. Some people even use delta 8 to help with things like sleep or winding down at the end of the day. By contrast, other people report that the delta 8 THC high is a little more uplifting, especially in smaller doses. You may feel a little more focused and giddy, but still ready to tackle whatever the day may bring.

Delta 8 High - How Does It Feel

Some people like to refer to delta 8 as the “nicer” sibling of delta 9 THC. The high is a lot lighter, less likely to leave you locked to the couch, and highly unlikely to leave you feeling anxious or paranoid. Delta 8 is also less likely to have a major negative impact on your ability to concentrate or go about your regular activities.

How long does a delta 8 high last, really?

A delta 8 high will normally last somewhere between 2 and 10 hours. However, the duration of effects can vary depending on certain factors, such as:

  • Your personal sensitivity to cannabinoids – People who have no experience with THC may see a longer duration of effects
  • What type of delta 8 product you consumed – Products like edibles may last longer than vapes
  • How much delta 8 you use at a time – Higher potency products or more milligrams consumed may mean longer effects

Even though research into the duration of effects with delta 8 is limited, there has been at least one study that offered tremendous insight. A study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research early in 2022 looked at user impressions and experiences of delta 8 highs compared to delta 9 highs. Most reported the duration of effects to be similar to delta 9 THC, which tends to fall in the above given time frame.

One of the most influencing factors when it comes to how long a delta 8 high lasts is the type of product you use. Edibles like Cosmic Krispies or D8 Moon Babies may last longer than something like Rockets D8 vape carts. This is because edibles take longer for the body to break down, which means the effects take longer to hit (between 30 and 60 minutes) and residual effects can linger longer. By contrast, vaping delta 8 usually delivers effects within a few minutes, and those effects may subside faster.

Different effects from delta 8 may also have different durations. For instance, you may feel a bit giddy and euphoric for the first few hours, but that effect may wear off. However, you may feel focused and relaxed for a lot longer, even after that initial euphoric buzz subsides.

Delta 8 High - How Long It Lasts

How long is a delta 8 high compared to a CBD high?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, so, technically, there is no CBD high to compare to. However, CBD does deliver its own therapeutic effects and those therapeutic effects can have a certain duration. Most sources claim that the effects of CBD can last anywhere from two to six hours. Of course, just like delta 8, the duration can be influenced by the type of product, the individual, and other factors.

How does a delta 8 high work?

So, why does delta 8 THC cause you to feel euphoric or buzzed? The answer comes down to how the cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This complicated system of receptors responds to both endocannabinoids (made by the human body) and phytocannabinoids (derived from cannabis). While we are just learning about how big of a role the ECS plays in the human body, we do know that this complex system affects everything from sleep to nerve signals to the brain.

When delta 8 THC enters the ECS, the cannabinoid binds to CB1 receptors. These receptors are part of the central nervous system, so when the cannabinoid binds to these receptors, they exhibit psychotropic reactions. Delta 9 THC—the most recognized intoxicating cannabinoid—performs similar actions in the ECS. The primary difference is delta 8’s effects are not as intense and may not bind as firmly to CB1 receptors.

Delta 8 High - Vs Cbd

Why does delta 8 cause a high, but CBD doesn’t?

CBD is a highly unique cannabinoid because of the way it interacts with the ECS. Instead of showing an affinity for certain receptors or binding to certain receptors, CBD interacts with the system in other ways. Some researchers believe CBD supports a state of homeostasis by supporting the ECS’s response to endocannabinoids, but the research is limited.

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