Comparing cannabis concentrates can be overwhelming for customers of Galaxy Treats. In the live resin vs distillate head-to-head, both have similar properties but they have differences in potency, manufacturing, and percentage of cannabinoids. Before choosing the type for your vape cartridges, here’s a closer look at live resin vs distillate.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin, like distillate, falls into the category of cannabis extracts. However, live resin is one of the newer types. Producers and consumers enjoy live resin because the concentrate retains the all-natural cannabis flavors and scents of the plant. Live resin comes from a fresh flower and not dried or cured cannabis.

In distinguishing live resin vs distillate, live resin concentrates come from flash-freezing cannabis. As soon as the cannabis plant is ready for harvesting, it’s cut down and frozen. The plant remains frozen during extraction and will never go through any drying or curing. Only high-quality flower is selected for live resin batches. To freeze, you must keep the cannabis at 10 degrees below zero. At a minimum, freezing times will take 24 to 48 hours, and extraction will get done cryogenically. The extraction machine removes the compounds from the cannabis plant. Typical solvents used during the extraction process include butane and ethanol. Then, the oils extracted get processed into the live resin.

Producers have several options for getting the concentrate into its final form. Some makers whip the solution to create what’s known as badder. Other producers leave the live resin untouched with a slightly oily and sugar-like appearance.

Live resin has several uses for cannabis users. For one, you can use live resin cartridges to vape. Another option is to put the live resin in dab rigs. Some put live resin in with cannabis flower for joints or bowls, but this is less common than vapes.   

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 What is Distillate?

Distillate and live resin go through different processes. Also, as a concentrated form of cannabis, the distillate must go through additional steps before being sold publicly. For starters, producers will grow specific crops for distillation. The flower will go through the drying or curing process, hanging upside down after harvesting. The makers will cure the cannabis by storing it in airtight containers to hasten the removal of bacteria and age the bud.

Companies will use chemical solvents on the cannabis once the drying and curing steps have been completed. The extraction process utilizes butane, ethanol, or propane to draw out the trichomes found in the plant. Growers will perform extractions at high temperatures. A winterization and filtration step follows the extraction process. The measure removes unwanted sugars, waxes, and residual solvents from the oil.

The most crucial step in creating a distillate is the actual distillation process. Using a special piece of equipment, manufacturers will heat the extracted cannabis oil. The temperature selected depends on the cannabinoid, such as THC or CBD. The steps will separate the cannabinoid from the plant material and leave a thick liquid behind. For distillates, the color will appear translucent or yellow. As a distillate, the substance consists of pure cannabinoids.

Consumers facing the distillate vs live resin cart dilemma are in for a pleasant surprise because of the wide availability of products between the two. You can use distillate in dab rigs and vape cartridges. Also, you could sprinkle a small amount of concentrate on cannabis flower prepared for joints or bowls. Since distillates have no flavor, so they also work as edible ingredients.

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Live Resin vs Distillate

For a distillate vs live resin comparison, both concentrates have positive qualities. For starters, you may use the two types in dab rigs, vapes, bowls, and more. Depending on the strain, pricing will not likely differ significantly between live resin and distillate products.

Now, what is the difference between live resin and distillate cartridges? First off, distillate and live resin are made using separate methods. Live resin relies on flash-frozen preparations, while distillates must undergo heat processes. Due to the extraction methods, the distillate will have a high percentage of cannabinoids and no terpenes. The live resin will have a lower rate of THC cannabinoids but a high terpene count.

Live resin truly focuses on the importance of terpenes. The entire purpose of terpenes is to give each strain of cannabis a distinct taste and odor. Distillates have no flavor and no fragrance because they lack terpenes. If you enjoy the taste and smell of cannabis, live resin is the preferred choice. Unless terpenes are added in after processing, vape carts with distillates lack aroma and flavor.

The main thing to consider when choosing a distillate vs live resin cart is the “entourage effect.” You can’t achieve the entourage effect with distillates since they lack terpenes. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together synergistically. The entourage effect involves terpenes and cannabinoids, causing multiple effects on your mind and body. For instance, CBD and limonene could work together to alleviate any anxiety. Meanwhile, THC and CBN may cause sedating effects that help combat sleep issues.

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