Like most people, I only get a good vacation once a year. Let’s face it, five vacation days really isn’t a lot.

With me, my vacay week tends to fly by so fast that I return to work more tired than I was when the week started. That’s usually because I plan some big adventure that has me wasting two days getting ready and another day or two trying to recuperate when I get back home. This year, I intentionally decided to do something different—a staycation. 

I’d stay at home. I’d relax. I’d find ways to enjoy my idle time instead of watching the days dwindle while dashing from one place to the next. Despite staying at home, I wanted my week at home to involve two important things: relaxation and fun. So, I took some advice from a friend and ordered Bluerazz Rocket Delta 8 Gummies and Purple Punch OG Delta 9 Gummies from Galaxy Treats. 

First off, a little about delta 8 and delta 9

If you’re anything like me, you know what THC is—the good stuff in cannabis that gets you well … lifted. So, when my friend told me about delta 8 and delta 9 gummies, my first question was naturally, “Is that legal?” 

Here’s the thing, both delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC products from Galaxy Treats are made from hemp. So, this means they’re perfectly legal in most states. 

The thing is, delta 9 THC from hemp is still lifting, and delta 8 THC is a bit like D9’s cousin—it can also be uplifting but in a milder way. Apparently, a lot of people use delta 8 gummies because they help you wind down, relax, and even go to sleep. Delta 9 gummies are a more intense experience and can have some of the same effects as you would expect: euphoria, the munchies, and, according to my dear friend, newfound star-gazing capabilities and previously undiscovered philosophical ideas. 

All this sounded like the perfect addition to my staycation. 

Kicking off my relaxing weekend with delta 8 gummies 

The weekend after my workweek and leading into vacation is always a little iffy. I’m more than ready to turn off work brain and slip into no-work brain. Here’s the thing, I have a stressful job. One of those jobs that follows me home, physically and mentally, which makes enjoying the weekend tough. I figured there would be no better time to try my delta 8 gummies, and I was right. 

Delta 8 And Delta 9 Gummies - All About Delta 8 Thc

Mid-Saturday afternoon, the nagging thoughts of work were running amok on my first day at home. So, I took one 25mg D8 gummy and went about my usual first day at home. Somewhere between doing my last load of laundry and settling in for a good crime documentary on the couch, the effects took hold.

I’ll just say this, I’ve never been more focused on a crime doc in my life. Work? What work? Who cares about work? I sat blissfully on the couch totally enthralled with what I was watching, completely relaxed, and absolutely not stressed about anything. Within a few hours, the effects wore away but the relaxed state of mind stayed. And, it was as if any physical tension in my body had just melted away. 

Good pals, good delta 9 gummies, and one incredible vacation day 

I think I mentioned this, but I’m no stranger to delta 9 THC, but it had been a while. I have very fond memories of sitting glassy-eyed and giddy in a circle of friends way back when. I decided I wanted to bring back the good old days for my staycation. So, I invited over a few close friends, bought some snacks, and built a killer playlist to enjoy on a Friday night.

For everyone that visited my house, the delta 9 gummies were optional but I offered to share. A handful of us ate just one 10mg D9 gummy around the same time that night. Best decision ever. 

Delta 9 Gummies Product Image

After about an hour of waiting for the gummies to kick in, we spent much of the night on the patio giggly, amazed by the stars, and getting deeper and more philosophical than we ever had before. I can’t speak for everyone else, but as for me, the gummy hit much as I remember from way back when. The music sounded amazing, the thoughts were freer, and the snacks I’d bought were the most amazing thing I’d ever tasted. 

We moved our party indoors eventually to watch a movie. Somewhere along the lines, I drifted off to a deeply peaceful sleep on the couch and didn’t wake until several hours later when my just-as-well-rested friends were getting ready to head home. 

Conclusion: I see way more delta 8 and delta 9 gummies in my future

I was afraid choosing a staycation for my vacation days this year would leave me feeling like I’d missed out. But honestly, I think these were some of the best-used vacay days I’ve had in a while. And I know including delta 8 and delta 9 had a lot to do with that. 

Delta 9 Gummies Conclusion

Delta 8 gummies helped me switch gears, rest, and wind down at the start of my vacation. Delta 9 gummies enhanced a good night of socializing with friends to the point that it was almost a bonding experience. 

Needless to say, Galaxy Treats gummies have now grown to be my go-to when I need to relax, de-stress, or have a little fun.