People (including me) have been fascinated by psychedelics and entheogenic mushrooms for years. So, when everyone started talking about Amanita muscaria gummies, to say my interest was piqued is an understatement. Let me start this off by saying my weekdays are brutal. I put in way too many hours, don’t get near enough sleep, and weekends are my much-needed reprieve. When Friday or a day off rolls around, I’m more than ready to unwind and relax, which means I’m all about anything that can enhance my downtime. 

Amanita mushrooms are said to be perfect for someone like me who’s looking for a low-key psychedelic experience. After a bit of research to find the most trusted brand, I ordered Watermelon Moon Shrooms from Galaxy Treats

Amanita Muscaria Gummies - What Is It

So, what are Amanita muscaria gummies?

Amanita muscaria gummies are made with amanita mushroom extracts. Amanita mushrooms are also known as fly agaric mushrooms. And, while many people don’t recognize the name, you will likely recognize these fungi by their iconic appearance. They grow with red or orange caps with raised white spots—much like what probably comes to mind when you think of mushrooms. 

Appearance aside, the most fascinating thing about fly agarics is they have hallucinogenic properties. Now, the hallucinogenic properties are nothing like psilocybin mushrooms would cause, but the mushrooms do contain psychoactive alkaloids like muscarine that affect GABA receptors. Due to this unique action, amanita mushroom benefits get a lot of respect for helping people with stress and sleep while producing dream-like effects.  

Are Amanita mushroom gummies really legal?

Some people claim Amanita muscaria is like the delta 8 of mushrooms. In other words, these gummies, even though made from amanita muscaria extract, are legal because they don’t contain psilocybin, but they produce a similar experience. And, I may be more than willing to explore, but I want to do so while staying legal. Therefore, before jumping in head-first, I did the research.

It turns out that Louisiana is the only state that lists Amanita muscaria and related products as illegal. So, unless you live in the Bayou State, you have all legal rights to explore amanita mushroom benefits and buy amanita muscaria gummies. But, it should also be noted that Amanita gummies exist in a bit of a gray area, so always check local laws just to be safe. 

Amanita Muscaria Gummies - Is It Legal

My Saturday with Amanita muscaria gummies  

After reading the full guide to Moon Shrooms, I felt well-equipped to give these gummies a shot. My random trip through an uneventful Saturday with Amanita muscaria gummies started late afternoon. It had been a wretched week. One of those weeks when work stress tries to latch onto your back and hitch a ride home. I had all kinds of hope that my Moon Shrooms would help me get out of my tension-riddled headspace and relax, so I was definitely eager. 

The Moon Shrooms I ordered contained 350mg of amanita mushroom extract, and, being a first-timer, I chose to take only half a gummy. (Quick note, Galaxy Treats has Moon Shrooms in two different strengths: 350mg and 750mg Amanita muscaria gummies—I chose the former for the aforementioned reasons). 

I planted myself in a lounger on the back porch in the late-day sun with some good music after consuming my half a gummy. I didn’t really know what to expect, so I chose to stay home where I could relax without the worry of being out in public if things were to get too intense. I could’ve tried roadtrip mushroom gummies, but I don’t see myself driving while possibly high, and I’m just experimenting with this new product, so I don’t have any companion to share with. My back porch is my little haven where only the birds and an occasional squirrel come to visit. Safe. 

Within about an hour, things started to change. I was conscious, but something about my thought patterns became more loose and tranquil. I found myself more enthralled with the way the leaves swayed and caused the sunlight to flicker across the ground. Everything around me became a little bolder and radiating—the sound of the birds, my music, the color of the grass. It could only be described as a dreamlike state even though I was awake. 

The tension I’d been carrying pretty much all out left my whole being. In a sense, it was like I felt it slip out little by little as my body settled into a supreme state of relaxation and a bit of tingly numbness. The worrisome thoughts were still there. Yet, they drifted somewhere outside of me where I could pluck one up and examine it if I wanted to, but they were nowhere near as intrusive. 

Somewhere during the experience, I decided to grasp one of those bothersome thoughts and see if I could analyze it closer. It was no longer a part of me, so it felt like I could problem-solve without the emotional attachment.

I must’ve fallen asleep on the lounger at some point during my mental effort because I woke to my 9 p.m. vitamin-reminder alarm feeling like I’d just had the best sleep of my life. Not to mention, I had no stress, like none. The problems the week had brought me were no longer as ominous and my mood was overall in a better place. 

Galaxy Treats Amanita Muscaria Gummies - Relaxing Experience

Reflecting on my experience 

I have nothing bad to say about my experience with Amanita muscaria mushroom gummies. I stepped away feeling like I’d just been on a mental retreat, which is exactly what I needed. I do believe the fact that I chose a well-trusted brand and a relaxing atmosphere made a huge difference. The changes in time and perception were not overwhelming but quite pleasing. I’m wholly looking forward to my next weekend trip with Moon Shrooms, as I’m certain there will be many more.