Thankfully, due to the 2018 Farm Bill, products made with cannabinoids derived from hemp are federally legal. Therefore, you can freely purchase something like delta 8 gummies or even delta 9, or THCP products legally in most states.

But what about traveling with delta 8 THC or other products made with hemp-derived cannabinoids? Can you take your delta 8 on a plane? What about taking something like hemp-derived delta 9 on public transport? Get a closer look at what to know below. 

Traveling with Delta 8 THC, Delta 9, and THCP 

With alternative cannabinoids like delta 8 being so popular, and for good reason, more people keep these products on hand. Naturally, if you use delta 8, delta 9, or THCP, there could come a time when you have to take a plane or bus with your cannabinoid-based products in tow.  To help you out, we’ve taken a look at delta 8 travel restrictions and more. 

Delta 8 THC 

For the most part, traveling by plane or on any type of public transport with delta 8 THC is perfectly legal. However, it is critical that you know the laws in your state, as well as any state you will be traveling to, and take the proper precautions. There are some states that have taken the liberty to restrict delta 8 THC products, even though these products are legal on a federal level. Also, it is a good idea to check with individual airlines or public transit agencies to make sure you’re in the clear. All entities can have their own rules. 

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) once had a blanket ban on all cannabinoid-based products on flights. However, after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the TSA amended its guidelines to match the federal laws. This effectively lifted the delta 8 THC travel restrictions. Therefore, cannabinoid-based products derived from hemp became acceptable on flights as long as they contained no more than 0.3 percent THC (dry weight basis). 

Traveling With Delta 8 Delta 9 Hhc And Thcp - Planning

Delta 9 THC 

Delta 9 THC exists in a legal gray area because of a loophole created with the terminology used in the Farm Bill. Technically, delta 9 products derived from hemp are legal (they contain less than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis). However, there has been a great deal of debate about the legality of these products, and, there is also a fair amount of confusion among the general public. 

While public airlines, the TSA, nor other transportation agencies have not explicitly stated delta 9 THC from hemp is not allowed, traveling should be done with absolute caution. The products remain legal on a federal level, but many states are rapidly enacting laws to restrict these products. And, there are rumors that the legality surrounding hemp-derived delta 9 could change with the upcoming 2023 Farm Bill that has yet to be passed. 

If you do decide to travel with a delta 9 product, be sure to have documents on hand to prove the product is not marijuana-derived. And, be prepared to answer questions because they are likely to come up if the product is evaluated by TSA or otherwise. 


THCP (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) is a newcomer to the hemp-based cannabinoid lineup, but it is considered to be similar to delta 9 THC except possibly more potent. While THCP exists in hemp, the bulk of what is available today is created with a synthesized version of the cannabinoid that occurs by altering CBD.

With all this in mind, THCP also comes from hemp. And, as long as a product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, you should be legal to travel with something like Berry Melon Lifter D8 D9 THCP Gummies.

Nevertheless, checking with the airline or transport agency for details is recommended. Because THCP is so new, it could potentially fly under any radars as far as restrictions go. But this also means a greater chance of being accosted because whoever is looking for illicit materials on passengers may not know THCP very well. 

How to Stay Safe While Traveling with Delta 8 THC and Other Hemp Products 

Traveling With Delta 8 Delta 9 Hhc And Thcp - Lab Tested

Trust only lab-tested products 

First and foremost, only buy products from a trusted brand that conducts third-party lab testing to analyze their products. In the event your cannabinoid products are ever confiscated and analyzed, you need to be good and certain that they do not contain more than the legally allowed amount of delta 9 THC. It also does not hurt to have a copy of these lab results on hand or readily accessible if you are ever questioned. 

Keep products in original packaging 

When you do travel with your hemp-based products, keep the product in its original container. The best brands will clearly state the product is hemp-derived and made according to the governing laws. Therefore, having the product in its original package could negate any concerns at security checkpoints. 

Know and follow the rules 

When in doubt about traveling with delta 8 THC or otherwise, do your research, make phone calls, and figure it out. With alternative cannabinoids, it is far better to ask for permission than for forgiveness because you could face stiff fines, penalties, or even jail time in some states. For example, if you are caught with a delta 8 product after taking a flight to Montana, Montana authorities will treat the delta 8 like a controlled substance. 

Traveling With Delta 8 Delta 9 Hhc And Thcp - Rules

Find out what products are acceptable

All forms of delta 8, delta 9, or THCP may not be allowed on all types of public transport. For example, it will be easier to travel with something like BlueRazz Delta 8 Gummies on an airplane than a delta 8 tincture in liquid form. The TSA has stricter regulations when it comes to liquid products, which means your delta 8 tincture would be more likely to be evaluated or confiscated before boarding your flight. 

A Final Word from Galaxy Treats 

Without question, keeping tabs on the ever-changing laws surrounding cannabinoids can be tough. While these products are still federally legal, there can be caveats to remember from state to state and when it comes to different types of public transportation. Therefore, while we have done our best here to get the answers, rules and restrictions are always subject to change. And, again, it is always a good idea to do your own research. 

Galaxy Treats Travel Guide

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