If you’re planning on taking your Delta 8 THC on vacation, it’s important to make sure local laws and airline rules are in your favor. Flying with Delta-8 THC has become increasingly popular as its federal status means it can be purchased almost anywhere. But what do you need to know before packing up those gummies, oils, and cartridges before boarding the plane? 

Whether you want a little extra relief from pre-flight anxiety or just plan on having some fun during your travels, take a look at some key information for an enjoyable experience while flying with Delta 8. 

Fortunately, this cannabinoid is federally legal and typically allowed onboard flights when following certain guidelines regarding storage, so don’t let anything stand between you and that much-needed vacation!

Key Takeaways: Can You Fly With Delta 8 THC?

  • When planning on flying with Delta-8, it’s important to check federal laws, local laws and airline policies. Make sure your chosen product is of high quality and contains only the amount of Delta 8 allowed by law. 
  • Will you be arrested for bringing D8 on a plane? Arrests for bringing Delta 8 on a plane stem from misunderstandings about hemp, especially during the early days of it being federally legal. Is it still common to see anyone getting arrested because of Delta 8? No, nothing similar has been publicized recently; but the possibility of getting arrested is still there.
  • Before taking off, confirm that flying with Delta 8 is legal in your departure area as well as local law enforcement of any destination areas you may be traveling through or arriving at. Additionally, contact the airline you’re booked on for their specific rules regarding storage requirements en route. 
  • Can you take Delta 8 on an international flight? There’s no definite answer: it depends on the the laws of your destination country, as well as the TSA’s hemp policies.
  • To guarantee storage and safety during travel, only purchase reliable products from reputable vendors. Never take chances when it comes to Delta 8 THC.

Specific Types of Delta 8 THC

A few specific recommendation for Delta 8 products include:

Gummies: The Easiest Product To Carry On Plane Journeys 

Can you fly with Delta 8 gummies? You definitely can! Can you take Delta 8 gummies on a plane without knowing anything about the rules and regulations? Well, you have to think again. When it comes to taking Delta 8 gummies on board an aircraft – there are very few rules and regulations. These tasty treats can be left in their original packaging without any worries. Plus they’re easy enough to slip into your hand luggage or even checked baggage if necessary. Of course, always check with your chosen airline beforehand just so everyone is on the same page about snacking while airborne. If you’re looking for a delicious treat to bring on the plane with you, take a closer look at our Delta 8 gummies!

Delta 8 Thc Air Travel - Gummies

Tinctures: How To Pack Liquids Safely For Traveling By Airplane 

As per TSA guidelines regarding liquids and pastes being transported by plane – only one quart-sized bag filled with bottles containing 100mL or less is allowed as carry-on items for each passenger. If you’re bringing anything more than that, it needs to go in checked bags instead (which could still save time at security). Keep in mind that other countries may regulate liquids differently, so check with the airline if you are flying overseas. Take extra precautions to minimize the chances of the bag or container rupturing mid-flight.  

Vape Pens: Secure Them Properly 

If you’re planning on traveling with a vape pen, it’s important to know the rules and regulations of your airline. Most airlines indicate that electronic smoking devices like vaporizers and e-cigarettes can only be brought as carry-on items – so if you want to take yours on board, make sure it’s kept in your personal bag instead of checked luggage. To prevent any spillage or accidental activation, they advise keeping these battery-powered gadgets securely stored away in their own special case or container throughout the trip.

It may seem tempting to pull out your trusty vape while waiting at the airport or during your flight journey but this isn’t recommended by airlines or airports either. International airports might have a designated smoking area you can use, but most airlines and airports do not allow smoking or vaping on the plane or on premises.  This means no vaping allowed for passengers onboard!

Delta 8 Thc Air Travel - Vape Pens

Quick Tips To Remember

Traveling with Delta 8 and other hemp products can be a bit tricky. If you’re planning on flying with Delta 8-THC make sure to follow these simple tips. 

Avoid Repackaging

Keep all products in their sealed, original packaging. Labels allow TSA or law enforcement to identify what the product is quickly, without any further trouble. 

Bring Documentation

It’s important to carry receipts and test results that support your hemp items in case they are flagged during security checks. These documents may come in handy when needed, and they can make it easier for the border agents to figure out what you have with you.

Vapes are Carry On Only

Can you bring a Delta 8 pen on a plane? Yes, but they can only be brought as carry-on items. They should not be checked, as the battery could experience problems mid-flight. Remember that smoking is banned on virtually all flights, and most airlines consider vaping to be smoking. Do not use the vape on the plane, and only store it in your carry-on.

Pack Smartly

Be mindful of packing guidelines provided by the airline you’re traveling with – seal oils and vape liquids tightly using tape to prevent any leaking accidents while en route! 

Place extra oils inside a leakproof plastic bag before stashing them away within your luggage as an added layer of protection against potential messes down the line.  

Delta 8 Thc Air Travel - Pack Smartly

Only Bring Authentic, Legal Hemp-Derived Products

Ensure that your purchased Delta 8 THC goods are made from legal hemp sources compliant with federal standards.

Substitute for CBD When Needed

Consider swapping out Delta 8-THC instead if there are certain states or countries where Delta 9 THC may not be legal yet. This will help avoid possible issues at customs checkpoints along the way!

A Word on Medical Cannabis

When it comes to flying with medical cannabis, the laws at the place of departure and destination can play a huge role. Most times, you’ll need to fill out an abundance of paperwork before being allowed to carry such products on board. This is another situation where reaching out to the destination’s embassy for clarification is smart.

Delta 8 Thc Air Travel - Vape Carts From Galaxy Treats

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